New Album

Tom A Hawk

Ralf Richards´ first song `Tom A Hawk` originated on a very tragic occasion, when his brother-in-law and close friend Tom was killed in a motorcycle accident riding his Harley Davidson. In his honor and personal way of mourning, Ralf Richards wrote and dedicated this song to Tom in just one night. The `hawk´ was Tom´s trademark as a graphic artist. Now Ralf Richards continues this legacy in his song, which is why the first album is named after that mighty bird of prey.

Tom A Hawk

He closely develops the acoustic arrangements with his band, which sound like a mix of American New Country and Folk Rock.


1. Red Ford Falcon 0:30
2. Reasons 0:30
3. Rare Moments 0:30
4. Love It, Change It 0:30
5. Lighthouse 0:30
6. Dark Brown Eyes 0:30
7. Running Out Of My Words 0:30
8. Tom A Hawk 0:30


Press Releases

Ralf Richards´ songs are captivating, authentic and arouse great emotions. They are rich in musical expressions about love, longing and all that is yet to come. They are vivid portraits taken directly out of life, one should remember – even if things go wrong.
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    This is where it all started! An invitation to the Bachfeld stage in Attenkirchen/Germany –every first Friday of the month....

  • Munich TV

    TV host Alex Onken interviewed Ralf Richards.  Its broadcast can be seen in the menu section posted under VIDEOS. This press release was published in the FORUM weekly on April 30....

  • Captivating Evening

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Next Appearance

Burgkirchner Talentschmiede

30. April 2020




TV Report

Bavarian Radio and Television

Visit of Bavarian Radio and Television to Ralf Richards´ home. The TV report was aired on the Abendschau-Evening Show March 22, 2018.
Ralf Richards live on BR´s TV evening show August 14, 2018 with the song “Rare Moments” and an interview with TV host Roman Röll.