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Ralf Richards

Ralf Richards´ songs are fascinating, authentic and stir great emotions. They are rich in musical expressions about love, desires and life itself; grandly captivating and inspiring the audience.

Born in Germany´s mountainous Allgäu-region, Ralf Richards had inherited his father´s musical talents early on. His passion for the guitar started at the age of 25, with his secret love for singing always prominent.  It was in this musical combination that his current career began.

His master confectioner work domestically and abroad provided him many opportunities to discover and experience a wide range of musical styles.

After several years of playing with cover bands, Ralf Richards composed his first song `Dark Brown Eyes’ for his wife’s birthday. This song was intended as a special present at the time, but things turned out differently. Six months later, his brother-in-law and friend Tom tragically died in a motorcycle accident riding a Harley Davidson.

This sudden loss of a close family member had the greatest influence on Ralf Richard’s songwriting. Overnight he processed his pain about Tom’s accidental death in the touching song “TOM A HAWK” – the hawk being Tom’s professional trademark as a graphic artist. Richards continued this legacy, having named his first album after Tom.

Touching people´s lives – is what the artist also intends with his other songs. Several visits to the United States, Canada and Australia have also had a marked influence on his musical style and interpretations.

They sound like a mixture of “American New Country” and “Folk Rock” – reflecting moments, liked to be remembered or calling for a change. Sometimes, his lyrics appear calm and thoughtful, other times powerful and full of energy – just like his melodies.

Ralf Richards develops the acoustic arrangements closely with his band. He produced his first album after two years of intensive songwriting, which includes eight of his own compositions. These are personal impressions and experiences, songs full of passion and melancholy, reflecting life in all its uncounted shades and facets.

His songs deal with social issues, higher values, family ties, raising children and finding genuine friends. Themes of a wounded world and the love-hate relationship to a red-colored American street cruiser complement the artist’s playlist.

Ralf Richards´ YouTube video “TOM A HAWK” has drawn increased attention from the local press and media. Several publications covered his concerts and Bavaria´s State Broadcasting Company in Germany has televised his performance live. Additional TV and concert appearances are in planning.

This very emotional and perfectly arranged album “TOM A HAWK” makes you simply want more!